Jojos fashion show world tour

2008 fashion Gioco

2010 world cup shootout Gioco

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Gioco

2014 Soccer World Cup Gioco

2014 World Cup Hairstyles Gioco


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Informazioni Jojos fashion show world tour

Informazioni: As JoJo travels around the world, it's your job to assemble the styles she needs on each stage, picking out appropriate pieces for your models before the time runs out. Above each model\'s head is a tag displaying the style they\'re to be dressed for, and clicking on it will bring up a list of qualifiers that will help you pick and choose from the clothing items at the bottom of the screen. Dress your models as closely to the style rules as possible to rack up the points, and get at least a three star ranking to continue.\n
Controlli: This game played with mouse only.\n

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