Anime warriors 2

007 charles 2 Gioco

1 will survive 2 Gioco

12 figthers 2 Gioco

12 rooms no escape Gioco

12 swap Gioco


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Informazioni Anime warriors 2

Informazioni: A beat em up battle between anime heroes.
Controlli: Player 1: WASD keys to move. G to attacks (with batter). H to jump. J to Sprint.

T to move (consuming the energy of a grid can be used in the air). Y to burst gas (to interrupt the opponent\'s batter ).The key combination TGH batter.

Player 2: Arrow keys to move. 1 attack (with batter) 2 to jumps. 3 to sprint.

The four major strokes (consumption of a lattice energy in the air). 5 gas explosion (to interrupt the opponent\'s batter) key combination 412 combo.

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