Bomb It 5

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Informazioni Bomb It 5

Informazioni: Bomb It 5Is your robot the ultimate bomber gladiator? Step into the Bomb It arena and find out...
Controlli: Make your little robot the cutest but most deadly bomberman-style gladiator ever! Test your skills against in either single-player or multiplayer mode (you and a friend can share the keyboard). Each mode has a different mission, so pick one and let the action begin. Maneuver your way through the maze, grabbing helpful power-ups to give your robot an edge. Your default weapon is a mallet, but keep an eye out for things like rocket launchers and boxing gloves. KO as many opponents as you can, but dodge their attacks. Bomb's away!


Arrows = Move

Space = Drop Bomb


Player 1:

WASD = Move

Space = Drop Bomb

Player 2:

Arrows = Move

Enter = Drop Bomb

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